WATCH: Porch Pirate Snatches Package Right Out Of Delivery Woman's Hands


Photo: Yellow Dog Productions / The Image Bank / Getty Images

A shocking video captured the moment that a brazen thief snatched a package right out of the hands of a FedEx delivery woman in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Jessica Saenz told Good Morning America that she was working from home when the FedEx driver knocked on her door.

"She couldn't even speak, and she was just like shaking," Saenz said. "She was like, can you open the door, please? I'm like, what's going on? She's like someone stole your package. I'm like, what?"

When Saenz reviewed the video footage recorded by her Ring doorbell camera, she was shocked. The suspect was causally walking beside the FedEx delivery woman before he suddenly reached out and grabbed the package. He then ran to a nearby BMW and fled the scene.

Saenz told WWBT that police told her the BMW was also involved with another package theft about a month ago. Saenz believes that the suspect knew that the package contained something expensive. She said she received several packages from Amazon just five minutes before the package was stolen.

"I get packages here all day," Saenz said. "Even that day, five minutes before the lady showed up, I had three packages from Amazon, and no one was here."

She said the package contained a $1,600 iPad for her husband.

"That was a valuable package that needed a signature, so for some reason, these guys knew it was something high value," she added.

The Chesterfield Police Department said it is investigating the theft and is reviewing the surveillance footage to try to locate the suspect.

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