Missing Maine Dog Found 5 Days Later Buried in Snow


A Labrador retriever has beaten the odds by surviving in a snow bank for five days. 

"We are missing our 13-year-old yellow lab named Sophie from Cushman Road in Bryant Pond," Albert Silver wrote in a post on Facebook. "She went out with all of us last night just before 5pm while we were plowing and shoveling, and she wandered off and hasn't come back. Please share..."

The post quickly went viral as thousands of people shared Silver's post in an attempt to find their little loved one. Silver says he and the rest of the family searched everywhere for Sophie, but weren't able to find their missing mutt. 

Just as the family was about to give up, someone spotted Sophie's head poking out from a snowbank on a nearby property the Silver family had already checked. Residents used a tractor to create a path to the dog, rescuing her five days after her ordeal began. 

A check by a veterinarian revealed that other than losing five pounds, the dog was fine. Fortunately there were no frostbite or other serious injuries. 

Silver said it was a 'miracle' that Sophie was found in good shape after spending so many nights in the cold. 


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