Student's 'Threatening' Display Of School Spirit Nearly Gets Her Arrested

It can be exciting to run into someone who went to the same school as you, but when you see them, it's best to keep your excitement in check. It's a lesson Texas Tech student Diana Durkin learned the hard way. 

The 19-year-old Houston native was waiting at airport security when she saw a guy wearing a Texas Tech sweatshirt. Students at Texas Tech use the slogan "Wreck em and guns" and point at each other with a finger gun so, without thinking, Diana made that gun sign at the man. He gave her a strange look and didn't reciprocate, but he wasn't the only one to notice it. The TSA witnessed her gesture and pulled her out of line.

Diana wrote about what went down on Twitter:


She wrote: 

"In the airport security line and I see someone wearing a Texas Tech hoodie and I look at them and do the gun hand signal because wreck em amiright tsa is now pulling me aside to talk to me"

Diana, who was nominated for "Most Spirited" in high school, told Buzzfeed about what happened explaining, "I love Texas Tech. I love the people, I love the school. Anytime I see someone I get really excited." 


As for when the TSA came over she said the agent asked, "What are you doing? You can't do that in an airport," and all she could think was, "Oh my gosh, they think I'm a terrorist. Oh my gosh I'm going to jail." She said, "I'm just sitting there, almost in tears, like, 'No, I'm just really dumb, I'm not a terrorist!'"

Thankfully, the gun gesture only got Diana some extra security screening and she was let off with a warning. However, she still had to worry about her mom finding out: 


It turns out her mom was pretty excited about all the attention her daughter was getting, but still took it all in stride:


Let this be a lesson for all to be mindful of your behavior in security lines!

Photo Credit: Twitter, Getty


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