INJOAfter someone maliciously burned three American flags in a neighborhood in Alexandria, VA, it came as a shock to one of the flag's owners, Dick Cohen, who is a disabled World War II veteran.

According to Washington 4, the flags were desecrated the day before Independence Day. In addition, at least 10 smaller American flags, located at another house nearby, were thrown in the gutter.

“The flag means I gave a lot of service in my late teens and I bled pretty profusely for it. So, I take that flag as a symbol, very important in my life,” he told Washington 4.

“I guess [I'm] in a state of shock. I have never seen anything like that before,” he added.

One of Cohen's neighbors, Army veteran Amanda Van Hooser, decided to replace the flag he lost. “I thought it was nice little touch that from two generations, we were able to replace it,” Van Hooser said.

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